Tina and Dom are caught in the act!

John-Paul is finding life increasingly claustrophobic living at home with Myra constantly breathing down his neck. Later, Tina is also left lamenting her lack of privacy when John-Paul catches her and Dominic together in his room. When Myra arrives, tempers flare and Myra finds herself blamed for the issues. As John-Paul and Tina both decide to take drastic action, she’s left alone thinking about where she went wrong.

With Russ on her mind, Mercedes wants to get home to sort things out with him as soon as possible. But things go wrong when Carmel and Mercedes get lost in the woods. Mercedes is furious when Carmel blurts out that she’s glad Russell dumped her because she doesn’t deserve him.

When the girls stumble onto a road and see an escape route ahead, Carmel finds herself the victim of a gun shot wound from a paint balling course. The sisters head back to Hollyoaks and Carmel is forced to put her own feelings aside to help Mercedes get Russell back. But Mercedes is devastated when Russ insists he no longer loves her.

Also, Max realises he’s fallen for Steph, but struggles to explain himself to her, which leaves her thinking they’re just good friends.