Mick nurses a bruised face, but refuses to tell his family the truth about what happened to him. He later blurts out to Max that he was attacked by his son Lee. Heading to the hospital to speak to dad Stan, Mick wants answers, but Stan insists Mick must have been mistaken about his attacker’s identity. When Tina discovers Stan is in hospital, she wants to bring their dad back to the Vic. Mick refuses, but Tina has other ideas.

Denise worries that there’s something going on between Jane and Ian, but when she tests them her doubts are laid to rest. Jane, however, is angry with Ian for making her lie to Denise. When Ian later praises Jane, Denise and Shabnam hatch a plan to get Jane, Ian and Masood together for a home-cooked dinner. Denise may find that Shabnam has different intentions from her own…

Lauren agrees to go on a night out with Lucy and the gang for Lauren’s birthday. Sure that there’s something going on between Lucy and Jake, a suspicious Lauren searches through Lucy’s phone. Although Lucy persuades Lauren that there’s nothing between them, it’s clear that she’s hiding something. Meanwhile, Johnny offers Sharon’s bar as a private party venue for Lauren’s birthday.