Tina is frustrated with a difficult Stan, who is insisting he wants to go into a care home. When Shirley refuses to return the money to Stan that he lent Dean for Blades, Tina makes a call asking for help. At the hospital, Sonia can see through Stan’s behaviour, suggesting to an upset Tina a hospice might be the best place for him. With tensions running high, when Tina later bumps into Sonia, they passionately kiss.

Martin, meanwhile, is struggling to deal with Rebecca, who gets sent home from school because of bad behaviour. Asking Sonia for help, Martin is relieved to have a heart-to-heart with his wife, feeling united with her. Telling Kush that he’s hopeful his marriage may be able to work after all, he is devastated when he later sees Sonia and Tina kissing.

Fatboy and Donna have made up over their argument in the market. Keen to help out, Fatboy offers to drive Donna to a routine hospital appointment. Meanwhile, Shabnam is back at work in the Minute Mart, but feels upset when she sees Kush buying flowers, assuming he’s moved on from her already.