Tina and Tommy square up to Rick! (VIDEO)

Tina’s convinced Tommy’s hiding something and urges him to confide in her, but he continues his lies. At the garage Tina watches Tommy and when he goes out she follows him in Rita’s car, witnessing him meet Rick. Back at home she confronts Tommy, reminding him that Rick was responsible for her dad’s death and partially for her own accident. Staggered that Tommy’s gone behind her back like this Tina demands to know what’s going on. As Tommy confesses that he’s being forced to hide drugs in cars because his dad never paid back his debts and Rick’s now holding him to ransom, Tina is horrified.

Gail’s chuffed to have won third prize in the Weatherfield in Bloom competition. Refusing to believe she won fairly, Norris is threatening to report her. But when Anna arrives at the Kabin with a sheepish Faye, she sets them all straight.

Aghast to hear that Eileen’s been sacked, Kirsty offers to speak to Carla on her behalf. Carla’s unsympathetic, but Kirsty refuses to drop it, telling the girls they should down tools until Eileen’s reinstated.

Also, Karl sees the kitty money for the street party lying around and is unable to resist the urge to gamble; Leanne snaps at Nick after another run-in with Peter.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Tommy pleads with Tina to forgive him, but Tina’s not sure she can trust him any more, unless he calls Rick and tells him the deal’s off. Faced with the thought of losing Tina, Tommy bites the bullet. But when Rick arrives at the flat they’re shaken. Insisting they’re not playing ball any more, Tina tells Rick to take his car and leave. But Rick laughs in her face before setting his heavies on Tommy and forcing her to watch. Eventually Rick leaves saying he’ll be in touch about the next job.

At the casino Sunita is counselling Karl; he’s on a winning streak, but eventually agrees to leave. He hands over the street party cash, but refuses to give her his winnings. Sunita’s frustrated, convinced it will burn a hole in his pocket.

Led by Kirsty, a united workforce walk out en masse. Carla’s horrified, but she’s powerless to stop them. Seeing the mess she’s in Peter’s forced to mediate and get the girls back to work.

Also, Leanne opens up to Nick about her heartbreak over Peter and now Simon, but there’s still unfinished business between them; Norris tells Anna he wants compensation for the flowers Faye stole.