Shocked by Tommy’s actions and annoyed at Tracy, Tina spots the chance for some mischief-making and plants a pair of lacy knickers down the passenger seat of Rob’s unattended car. Tracy’s been gloating to Tina about her romantic boyfriend and how he’s taking her out for a posh lunch. But Tracy doesn’t fall for Tina’s prank as their bitter row escalates.

As a hungover Tim tries to apologise to Sally for his no-show she makes it clear she’s had enough of his behaviour. She knows he’s making her look a fool, but she won’t be warned off just yet. Meanwhile, Tim moans to Dev about Sally coming on too strong and resolves to call it quits.

Chesney’s gutted when he discovers the insurance company won’t pay out for his stolen stock as a colleague left the lock-up open. Sinead does her best to stay positive, insisting a new opportunity is round the corner for Chesney. It’s clear he is buoyed by her belief in him.

Also, Brian’s having cold feet about fostering, but he doesn’t have the heart to shatter Julie’s dream.