Tina can’t give up ‘Jake’

As they reel from Tina’s bombshell, Izzy and Gary’s shock turns to anger. They assert that biologically Jake is their baby, but hating herself Tina stands by her words, she feels like Jake’s mum, the law says she is, and she and Tommy can offer him a stable home. Devastated, Izzy vows to fight Tina, but as the pressure mounts Tina can’t bring herself to back down.

Paul’s saved a child’s life at work, but lies about his heroics for Eileen’s sake. But when he discovers Eileen’s now on sleeping pills to help her deal with her fears he admits they can’t go on like this. Eileen’s alarmed and worries for the future of their relationship.

Karl urges Dev to drop his fruitless quest to prove Sunita’s innocence as people are starting to question his mental health. But Dev is determined to continue his crusade.

Also, a vulnerable Marcus and Maria have a heart to heart about their relationship; Tracy vows to prove herself to Carla and Peter as she starts her new job cold calling.