Billy and Tina have spent the night together and are full of guilt the morning after. Not only that, Tina realises she can’t keep her part in Janet’s accident quiet any longer, and she reveals that she ran over Janet. Billy returns to the hospital to try to patch things up with Honey. Meanwhile, Tina tells Shirley that she’s already confessed to Billy, so now she needs to tell the police. Tina heads to the police station with Billy but Shirley stops them in their tracks. Warning them not to go to the police, Shirley gives them an ultimatum.

Abi is given food for thought during a chat with Ian, who extols the benefits of having a family business to pass onto future generations. Wondering whether now is the time to tell Ian the news that she’s pregnant with his grandchild, Abi brings up the idea with Donna, who thinks she should bide her time. Abi, however, won’t listen… When Ian reveals Abi’s baby news to Max, he seems shocked – is he worried that Abi will find out he was blackmailing Steven?

Phil is in a bad mood when he finds out that Ben’s invited Luke to Louise’s birthday meal, and they end up having a tense dinner. Sharon takes Phil aside and insists he make an effort for Ben’s sake. Luke, however, is not helping matters, as he constantly brings up Kathy and wants to know if Phil realises that Willmott Brown has visited her. Luke later calls his father and assures him that Kathy has talked to Phil.

Also, Bex offers to help Michelle research Tom’s background.