Tina still won’t answer the door to anyone and people are starting to worry. Graeme tells Rita that he has been cleaning the windows and the flat doesn’t look lived in. He’s stunned when Tina later emerges from the flat and sacks him from doing her windows as she knows he has been gossiping about her. Graeme’s taken aback, especially when Tina then collapses in the butcher’s.

Lewis admits he can’t go out with Audrey tonight as he’s on a date set up through work, leaving her feeling uncomfortable. But with Rita’s words ringing in her ears she forces a smile to show she can handle it. Meanwhile, Carla’s constant demands on Nick look like he might be forced to cancel another date with Natasha.

David‘s had enough of seeing Anna so upset and reveals Gary’s hiding out at Len’s. She and Eddie find him in the ginnel and take him home, he’s got some explaining to do.

Also, Norris wakes up cuddled up to Mary and cracks. He tells her he is calling Rita to take him home, he’s had enough and wants out of the cottage. But when he goes to the phone the line is dead and he fears Mary has sabotaged the line.

*Second episode, 8.30*

Tina goes to see Graeme and after insisting she’s fine she rushes straight back to the flat. But Graeme won’t let it lie and when he uses his ladders to check on her he’s stunned to see a filthy, unkempt flat and Tina slumped in a corner. Breaking the door down he races upstairs and manages to drag her back into consciousness. She refuses to see a doctor, but admits she’s not been eating. As Graeme gets her to eat something Tina’s grief comes pouring out; she’s not been eating because she doesn’t want to live. Graeme’s thrown as she sobs uncontrollably.

The Windasses hide Gary when the warrant officer comes calling. But his report of Gary’s excellent progress doesn’t match up to Gary’s reasons for wanting out. Alone later Eddie makes a decision, calling the warrant officer he tells him to return tomorrow.

Norris suggests driving out to find a phone, but Mary reveals the motor home isn’t working. She tells him she feels safer sleeping with him ,leaving a terrified Norris to barricade himself into his room.

Also, Nick stands up to Carla and says he won’t work that night as he’s taking Natasha out. Natasha’s thrilled and ends up going home with Nick.

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