Tina comes clean to Jacqui?

Tina can barely face Jacqui, Tony and Dom with the knowledge that Russ is actually the father of her unborn baby, and tries but fails to come clean to a concerned Russ and Dom. Meanwhile, Jacqui is caught up in the excitement of finally having a child of her own before a tearful Tina finally finds the courage to tell her the awful truth. While Beth gets passionate with Rhys behind Gilly’s back, Gilly is encouraging Mercedes to rekindle her relationship with Rhys. She heads to the Ashworths, where the door is answered by a half-naked and panicking Rhys. Mercedes invites herself in, but is furious when Rhys spurns her advances. Later, Beth and Rhys are kissing in the hall, but are unaware that Josh and Michaela are poised to come in the back door. Will their secret be discovered? Fast going off the idea of being in a band with irritating Michaela, Josh begins to regret abandoning Fletch to his drug-ridden lifestyle. Also, friendship begins to develop between Kieron and Kris when they team up for a radio phone-in, leaving John-Paul struggling to contain his jealousy. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip