There’s good news about Jake, he’s doing well and should be able to go home in 10 days. Gary and Izzy are thrilled, but when Owen gives Tina her final instalment of money for the baby, she tells Tommy she hates herself, feeling like she’s sold her child. Harnessing his strength Tommy tells Tina that if she decides to keep the baby he’ll stand by her and they’ll bring him up together.

Hurt by the fact Marcus clearly didn’t want to admit she’s his partner, Maria wonders if he’s ashamed of her. Marcus assures her that’s not the case, but when he explains to his friends that he’s still a gay man who happened to fall in love with a woman, Maria’s appalled.

Dev calls at No 4 and quizzes Sally and Sophie about Sunita’s last movements. They’re unnerved by his intensity and Sally eventually asks him to leave.

Also, realising she’s been stood up, Sally sends her internet date a curt text and heads home in a bad mood; Eileen knocks back the wine with Deirdre before falling asleep on the sofa.