Tina discovers David’s deceit

Tina is thrilled that David has got tickets for them to go and see her favourite band and is delighted when Jerry lets her leave work early. But things start to go wrong when she is chatting to Darryl and something he says sets alarm bells ringing. Not the sharpest tool in the box he digs an even deeper hole for himself and David when he tries to backtrack. The damage is done and she accuses him of hacking into her emails and he blurts out that David has been spying on her.

Kevin refuses to discuss Tony’s offer and Sally is increasingly worried about their financial situation. Even Rosie is starting to be secretly worried about how her actions have affected her family. Meanwhile, Tony continues with his plan for Weatherfield domination and tries to put the frighteners on an elderly resident who is delaying Tony’s latest development by refusing to move out of his home.

Teresa is still enjoying being at number six and is still showing little sign of wanting to move out. Worried about the tablets she put into his food she carefully quizzes Gail about the risk of Jerry overdosing on his medication.

Also, Blanche takes a peek at Ken�s manuscript.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tina is horrified by David’s betrayal and storms out of the kebab shop to confront him. A panicking Darryl desperately tries to contact his mate to warn him before Tina gets home. Darryl eventually gets through to David before Tina turns up at the door, but David is powerless to calm Tina’s wrath. A furious Tina accuses David of trying to control her and she packs her bags and storms out of the house. A miserable David fears that he has really blown it this time.

Ted suggests to Bill that he should be more proactive in his bid to win back Audrey. Bill takes his advice and arrives with flowers and tickets for the opera. But Audrey is not sure that she wants to give it another try with Bill and gives him back the flowers.

Carla wants Rosie to look after her interests when she goes away on holiday and to ensure her loyalty she slips a roll of notes into Rosie’s hand. Carla advises Tony not to misjudge Rosie and treat her like a naive teenager – or underestimate her potential to cause trouble.

Also, Deirdre is hurt when she thinks that an unflattering character in Ken�s novel is based on her.