Tosh is furious with Tina for getting so drunk before her work ball and they take their argument out to the street. Their night goes from bad to worse when Tina throws up on Tosh’s posh ball dress! Retreating to the Vic, Tosh gatecrashes Alfie and Terry’s quiet drink, revealing she’s always wanted to have a family. Tosh returns home intending to make things up with Tina, but Dean does some stirring.

Peter is shocked by the way Phil behaved with Ian and pulls him up on it. When Phil reveals he thinks Jake may be innocent, Peter cant’t believe it. Talking to Ian about Phil’s concerns, Peter is still troubled after Ian insists that Jake is Lucy’s killer. When Peter can’t get a visiting order to see Jake, he takes matters into his own hands with a bit of detective work.

Bianca is still intent on going through with the dodgy deal that Alfie has now pulled out of. Confronting Alfie, Bianca persuades him to give her his contact’s number so she can go ahead with the deal on her own.