Gail is stunned to discover that David asked Tina to lie for him and a row breaks out resulting in accusations being thrown. None of this is helped by the arrival of Gary Windass back on the street and he takes great delight in taunting David. This proves too much for Tina and when David accuses her of fancying Gary she tells him it is over!

Leanne wonders what to do about the job offer in Leeds when she gets a call from Peter saying he’ll be home tomorrow. She decides to turn down the offer and stay in Weatherfield to be with Peter and Simon.

Luke is continuing to impress the locals and Dev is less than impressed when he finds Tara flirting with him. Tara decides to try her luck with Dev while he is feeling jealous and asks him about funding an art gallery she wants to set up. Dev is distracted when he gets an email from his Uncle Umed in India saying he is coming to stay.

Also, Norris is surprised when Mary tells him that her mother is moving into a home and invites him to go travelling with her in the motor home.

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