Tina dumps David

David leaves another message on Tina’s answerphone on the day before his sentencing. Gail is surprised when Tina turns up on the doorstep, but she apologises and Gail asks her to stay for tea. David arrives home and is delighted. Later, Tina tells him that she needs a break from him and she won’t visit him in prison. David is left heartbroken as she gets on the bus.

Roy and Becky prepare for trouble as the builders arrive with their vans. When a builder asks Roy to move his car, Roy smugly explains he can’t drive and the car belongs to his wife – who is in Africa. The site foreman tries to reason with Roy but he remains firm and Becky thinks it’s hilarious.

The police are called, but Roy still refuses to budge and the car is legally parked so the policeman is unable to act. As the builders resign themselves to losing a day’s work, Becky congratulates Roy on his victory and the car is moved. Tony hopes this is the end of it.

Also, Michelle reveals that she wants Alex to be a real part of the family’s lives and she’s going to tell her mum and dad everything.