Tina is angry when she catches Dominic creeping in the next morning after not coming home the night before. Dom feels guilty and tells her he crashed out at Russ’. Later, Tina bumps into Russ in the village where she’s stunned to learn he is leaving Hollyoaks to go on a trip round the world. She desperately wants to tell him that Max is his child but can’t go through with it.

Later, Dom is horrified when Gemma turns up in Il Gnosh to return his phone. And when Gemma turns up on Tina’s doorstep, Tina is heartbroken to hear Dom spent the night with her and tells him their relationship is over. Later, as Russ and Caroline prepare for their trip, Tina arrives with Max – and tells Russ he’s his son.

Leila regrets pretending to be Justin‘s girlfriend when he brings his washing round. Justin is enjoying winding her up but Leila can’t take any more when he produces a ring and starts talking about a family. Justin eventually comes clean and confesses he never had amnesia, leaving Leila furious.

Also, Mandy and Steph are suspicious when Cindy feigns another illness to avoid doing any work.

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