Tina feels more used than ever (VIDEO)

Peter and Tina make a dash for it while an oblivious David is engrossed in the menu and spend the evening in their hotel room. Tina wishes they could always be together and is sick of sneaking around. She feels even worse when Peter drops her off leaving her on her own once again, as he goes to see Carla.

The strange man pushes Gail hard. Realising he is an intruder, Kylie runs after him but she’s left fuming when he jumps in a van and drives off. Realising her favourite necklace has been stolen, Gail feels more alone than ever.

Tyrone feels awful for letting Kevin down with the garage accounts and is determined to make up for it. Fiz asks Sally to have a word with Kevin to go easy on Tyrone, much to Tim’s annoyance.

Also, Carla tells Michelle she’s going to have an abortion; Kevin reminds Stella she needs to find somewhere else to live; and Gary is worried when Owen tells him he’s accepted a new tiling job and intends to steal tiles from the mill so they will be quids in.