Tina gives Peter an ultimatum

Tina’s sickened by how easily Peter lied to Carla on the phone and turfs him out of the flat. Returning to Underworld, Peter realises his alibi has been blown when Carla demands to know why Peter stood up his client. Peter lies that he’s been desperate to start drinking again and went to his support group. Carla confides her worries about Peter’s drinking to Tina. Feeling awful about Carla, she gives Peter an ultimatum. She will stay if he tells Carla the truth…

Unsure of whether she wants a baby, Michelle asks Liz not to say anything to Steve, but when she sees Steve dancing for joy she realises that Liz has already blabbed.

Roy is worried about Hayley’s deterioration when she admits she has no appetite any more. Fiz and Tyrone bring round a platter of different foods for Hayley to try.

Also, Gail’s constant presence at No 8 hampers David and Kylie’s reunion and Beth asks Carla for her job back.