Tina is rushed to hospital after being attacked by Niall who puts the blame on Fletch for what’s happened. Jacqui can’t help thinking about the unborn baby as Tina remains in a critical condition. Just as Dom and Myra are allowed in to see Tina, she’s rushed off for an emergency operation. Tina ends up giving birth to a baby boy by Caesarean but remains unconscious. Jacqui and Tony are joyous at the baby’s birth but Dominic is stricken as he prays for his wife to wake up.

Niall continues with his plan to destroy the McQueens by telling Kieron that his involvement with John-Paul is tearing the family apart. Unable to live with the guilt, Kieron makes a decision to leave. John-Paul is devastated when he returns home to find Kieron has left Hollyoaks without him.

A paranoid Fletch feels powerless when Niall accuses him of pushing Tina down the city steps. He tries to protest his innocence but Carmel refuses to listen and attempts to make a citizen’s arrest. Fletch runs off and heads to the hospital to try to explain, but he’s met by a menacing Niall warning him to stay away. Frightened of what might happen to him, Fletch flees the village.

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