Tina is starting to crack

Gail returns from hospital, but Audrey is still suspicious about David’s involvement in Gail’s fall and she questions Tina while David’s out. Tina struggles to maintain her calm as Audrey asks her about the alibi she gave David. Audrey suggests that it’s not too late for Tina to change her story and Tina’s resolve begins to fade.

Fiz is growing ever more impatient with Kirk as he gets in her way at every turn. Fiz tells Maria that she wants Chesney to be happy, but she can’t live with Kirk. Maria reminds her that Kirk looked after Chesney for months while Fiz enjoyed her love nest with John. Maria offers to buy Kirk a flight to Cyprus to visit their mum to get him out from under Fiz’s feet, hoping she’ll change her mind.

Leanne reminds Dan not to let on about their relationship as she doesn’t want anything to ruin her plan to seduce Paul into arson. Leanne tells Paul that she’s had a mad idea that could solve all their restaurant problems and hints that they could burn the restaurant for the insurance. Paul promises to back anything she decides.

Also the builders arrive to erect the smoking shelter at the Rovers.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

David confronts Audrey for bullying his girlfriend and tells Gail that Audrey was accusing Tina of being a liar. Gail is furious and demands that Audrey leave her alone with David. Meanwhile, as David’s lies get more and more elaborate, Tina gets more upset. She hates the deceit and admits that she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep it up.

Leanne reveals the full plan to Paul and insists that they can recoup their investment on the insurance claim if the restaurant burns down. Leanne claims that she hasn’t got the bottle to torch the place herself. Paul falls for her scheming and offers to burn it for her. Leanne feels forced to respond when he moves in for a kiss, but she breaks off, not wanting things to go any further. Leanne tells Dan the good news but he jealously asks her what she had to do to seal the deal.

Kirk is reluctant to leave Fiz to ‘cope alone’ with Chesney, but after some gentle persuasion from Maria, Kirk agrees to go to Cyprus. However, Maria’s upset when Fiz comments that she doesn’t think she’ll have changed her mind about asking Kirk to move out when he returns.

Also, Blanche complains about the Rovers’ smoking shelter.