Aware that coming clean about Pete’s threat will only make his bullying worse, Tina stops herself from telling Dom. But as a result, she feels completely alone and tries to cheer herself up with a new hairdo at Evissa. Feeling better, Tina heads over to surprise Dom but is distressed to find him having a drink with her tormentor Pete.

Despite getting excited when Beth invites him to The Dog for the music quiz, Gilly is disappointed when she also invites Hannah and Rhys. Meanwhile, Rhys is jealous at seeing Gilly and Beth get close practising for the quiz, so ends up belittling Gilly’s music knowledge. Unable to keep Beth out of his mind, Rhys writes a love note about her, which nearly gives away his and Beth’s past secret relationship. Later, Beth is heartbroken when Rhys lies about the real object of his affection.

Desperately in need of some serious cash for Christmas shopping, Danny and Justin try to come up with some get rich quick schemes. The lads get a job to put up the Christmas lights at Drive ‘N’ Buy, and later, Danny is delighted when Justin sets him up with Hannah.