Tina makes a shocking confession

David is miserable after falling out with Tina, but he’s delighted when she turns up at the house. David and Tina have another argument and Tina storms out, but a confused David isn’t sure what he’s done wrong. Gail is worried that if Tina dumps David, he may go off the rails emotionally and she has a quiet word with Tina and asks her not to mess him about. Tina breaks down and confesses that the reason she’s in an off mood is because she’s pregnant! Ryan is still unhappy that Alex is hanging around the Rovers, but Steve is hopeful that Michelle will stick to the agreement and send Alex home that evening. Michelle is miserable about Alex’s impending departure and avoids Wendy’s phone calls. Wendy storms into the pub to confront Michelle for fobbing her off and she demands that Michelle hand her son over! Sean is upset that Violet and Jamie have done a runner with his son, and Marcus and Eileen comfort him. Sean declares his intention to track them down but after a heart-to-heart with Ken he realises the futility of his search. Also, Harry takes Kelly on a hot date when Dan stands her up! *Second episode, 8.30pm* Gail is stunned after Tina’s confession, but she fires questions at the distressed teenager and learns that Tina hasn’t confided in anyone else. Gail suggests that Tina keep the news from David as they don’t know how he’ll react. Gail promises to help Tina and hints that she could have a termination. Tina is manipulated by Gail’s words and starts to come round to the idea. Michelle is determined to keep Alex for herself and tells a stunned Wendy that Alex has confessed that he hates living with her. Alex walks in on the two women arguing and he pleads with Michelle not to abandon him. Michelle and Wendy almost come to blows and Steve is forced to intervene and escort Wendy out. Steve quietly tells Wendy that Michelle will come round and she will be able to have her son back. Harry and Kelly go to the Italian and see Dan in there. Kelly learns that Dan has lied to her about owning the bookies and that he just works for his dad. Kelly tells Dan she’s spending the evening with Harry! Also, Jason is puzzled when Sarah starts ignoring his calls and assumes there’s something wrong with her phone network.