Tina offers to be a surrogate for Gary and Izzy!

Tina discusses the surrogacy with Owen. She tells him if the price is right she’s interested. The next thing she knows she’s telling Gary and Izzy about her proposition. The pair decide to think things over. Tina begs them to keep her offer to themselves. But later, a confused Faye, who witnessed Tina offering her services to Gary and Izzy, approaches an unsuspecting Tommy full of questions.

After criticising Gail’s cleaning skills, Gloria dupes her into handing over the keys to the Bistro, claiming she can do a better job herself. Gail is miffed. Later, however, while Gloria holds court, a diminutive man enters looking for her. Gloria claims he is simply a nuisance customer, but Gail and Nick are intrigued.

Lloyd’s over the moon because he has tickets for an old funk band he loved in the 80s. His enthusiasm is dampened, however, when his attempts to arrange a lads’ night out don’t go to plan. When he arrives at the gig, though, he thinks he spies a blast from the past.

Also, sick of being a singleton Beth decides she’s tired of searching for Mr Right – she wants her Mr Right Now! As Kirk listens to her plans it’s clear that he feels he might fit the bill.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Tommy tells Faye she’s a liar, but goes looking for Tina. Meanwhile, Gary’s overwhelmed when Izzy agrees to take Tina up on her offer. Their joy is interrupted however when Tommy accuses them of taking advantage of a vulnerable Tina. Back at home Tina makes a desperate attempt to make Tommy see what she’s doing. He’s sticking to his guns however and he gives her an ultimatum.

Gail takes the nuisance customer out for breakfast, eager to find out who he really is. He turns out to be Cliff, who tells Gail about how he and Gloria worked together in dry cleaning. Gail uses this information to blackmail her into returning to the Rovers. Gloria has no choice but to agree.

Lloyd greets his old mate Mandy. They haven’t seen each other for 30 years and he can’t wait to catch up with her and her husband Johnny. When she tells him that Johnny died he’s devastated. They chat about old times and he tells her he’s single. She tells him she and Johnny never had children so she’s alone. The night goes well, and Lloyd asks to see her again.

Also, Beth discusses her plans for a date with someone off the internet with Kirk, unaware he might be holding a torch for her.