Tina opens up to Jason

David hopes Gail’s case will now be thrown out before it gets to court while Gail’s surprised to hear about the new witness. David plays along when she calls with the good news and the family head to the pub to celebrate. Tina meanwhile has opened up to Jason and after thanking Graeme for everything he’s done for her she tells him he no longer needs to look after her. Graeme’s deflated while Jason’s given hope. Drawing on all her strength Tina then agrees to a drink in the Rovers, but when she overhears the Platts discussing how Gail’s name will be cleared she’s horrified. As a blazing row ensues Tina stuns everyone with her new-found determination to nail Gail.

Carla and Nick are arguing at Underworld and blame each other for blowing yesterday’s deal. There’s also unrest on the factory floor as the girls struggle to complete the Rickson’s order. When the dripping water then trips the electrics Carla fears they’re about to lose another major client.

Eddie tells Cheryl that Lloyd‘s into the older ladies, and Lloyd’s desperate to explain. Ensuring he gets to pick her up Lloyd turns on the charm, but Cheryl’s wary.

Also, Hayley stays at the Windasses, hoping that Roy will make the first move towards a reconciliation.

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