Liz is appalled that Tina has given Peter an ultimatum and urges Tina to make a clean break from him. When Peter tells Tina that he won’t leave Carla, Tina is crushed and realises Liz is right. She packs her bags and leaves Weatherfield.

Not wanting to risk getting pregnant again, Michelle suggests Steve should get a vasectomy. Steve’s horrified and confides in Andrea who tells Steve he should stand up to Michelle. But when Steve refuses to get a vasectomy Michelle hits him with a sex ban.

As David and Kylie head out to work, Gail complains the house is a tip. Knowing she will tidy up, devious David leaves his list of her good and bad points for her to find. But Gail doesn’t see the funny side.

Also, Roy’s strawberries prove a hit with Hayley; Maria and Marcus decide to start house-hunting.