*Triple episode*

Optimistic Jacqui is oblivious to Tony’s inner turmoil following her surrogacy announcement. Elsewhere, Myra and Mercedes are keen to talk Tina out of the idea. However, during an awkward family meal, Jacqui passes Tony’s sperm to Tina under the table. Myra and Mercedes realise what’s happened when Tina emerges from the bathroom, but it’s too late.
And the resulting uproar is interrupted by Dom’s arrival.

Meanwhile, down and out, Darren spends the night freezing in the back of Jack’s car. The next morning Jessica turns down his request for cash and board, although she’s sympathetic to his plight. Later, Darren and Jessica spot a drunken Louise struggling to put her key in the door of Evissa’s flat before stumbling in. They follow her and find her comatose with £3,000 of Evissa’s takings.

As Gilly and Beth read a rough guide to Thailand, aggrieved Rhys criticises their plans, although it does little to dent Gilly’s confidence. Later, an increasingly worked-up Rhys confronts Beth in the village and accuses her of lying to herself and Gilly. Back home, Gilly is forced to break up an argument between the pair as Rhys accuses Beth of being twisted, and even suggests she could be behind the vendetta against his family.