As Tina prepares for her first scan, she assures a worried Jacqui that the baby will be healthy and all hers. After upsetting everyone with her jibes about Tina’s surrogacy, a regretful Mercedes heads to the hospital to make amends to her sisters. But as Mercedes and Jacqui become friends again, Tina receives some unexpected news that could ruin everyone’s happiness… Fletch tries to resolve things with a furious Sasha who is only willing to forgive him if he tells Michaela and Josh that the heroin was his. Fletch refuses and Michaela lays into Sasha for being on Fletch’s side. Later, Josh promises Fletch he will help him if he tells the truth, but Fletch can’t admit his addiction, prompting Josh to wash his hands of him. Betrayed and hurt, Josh goes to Michaela to ask for forgiveness. Meanwhile, Fletch is surprised when Sasha is sympathetic towards him and says she’ll give him another chance. Sarah admits to Hannah that her upbeat mood is because someone fancies her. Later, at The Dog, Hannah is disappointed when Roger arrives and flirts with Sarah. He charms Sarah so much that she finds it difficult to resist him when he suggests they go back to Elliot’s empty bedroom. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip