Tina snaps at Tracy in the Rovers

Tina puts on a brave face as the Windasses host Jake’s homecoming party at the Rovers, but when she holds the baby for the first time since leaving the hospital all her memories come flooding back. As Owen then makes a poignant speech, thanking Tina for carrying the child, her heart breaks. Finally losing her cool Tina has a vicious row with a mocking Tracy before grabbing a bottle and heading off into the night intent on self-destruction.

As the Platts keep a vigil at Nick’s bedside David struggles to hold it together. When the consultant then tells the family that Nick may never wake from his coma, and even if he does he could have permanent brain damage David’s guilt starts to take its toll.

A worried Beth discusses Craig’s recent bad behaviour with Maria, Kirk and Sinead and wishes she knew what lay behind it. Tackling Craig, Beth demands to know if he’s taking drugs, which Craig denies.

Also, Sophie and Jenna notice Sally’s keen on Tim but as he’s due to leave on Friday Sally feels it’s not worth it; Lloyd assures Jenna he wants her in his life.