Tina struggles with Sylvie’s funeral

Will Tina have any support from her family on the day her mum is laid to rest?

Tina is feeling overwhelmed on the day of Sylvie’s funeral. Heading to the church with Johnny and Whitney, she’s upset to discover that only Sonia has shown up. Tina gives the eulogy, but struggles to get through it, as she’s so emotional. Back at the Vic, Tina is touched to discover some of Sylvie’s old mates have turned up for the wake.

The Carters continue to struggle on running the pub. A new bar manager turns up, Woody (Lee Ryan), who has been sent by Linda to help them out. Meanwhile, upstairs in the flat, disaster strikes. Can they deal with any more troubles?

Sharon is insistent that Louise properly apologises to Bex for being involved in the bullying. Miserable, Louise tells Sharon that things have gone too far and it’s too late. But after Sonia gets back from the school, Louise realises she should say sorry after all.

Also, Steven tries to spend time with Lauren, but is left upset when she says she’s not interested in having any more babies.