Tina arrives for work in a foul mood and when Peter and Carla turn up and Peter acts like nothing has happened, she’s furious. Seeing her distress, Liz follows her into the backroom. Unable to keep quiet any longer a distressed Tina tells Liz her dirty secret.

Hayley’s disappointed to find she slept through seeing in her last New Year. While she’s still capable, Hayley tells Roy she wants to visit the Rovers. Looking incredibly frail, the realisation of Hayley’s imminent death hits the residents hard. However, Roy is still determined to look to the future.

Leanne feels lost living apart from Nick and wonders if she should move back in. Nick thinks they should wait, but Leanne’s adamant she wants to move back home.

Also, Tracy and Rob continue to butter up Deirdre, but she isn’t fooled and tells the couple Rob can’t move in; Tracy’s furious and hatches a plan to get back at Deirdre.