Tina turns up at Peter’s door

With the honeymoon feeling like a distant memory, it’s back to reality for Peter and Carla. Carla’s getting straight back to business, but Peter tempts her to come home early with him to spend the afternoon in bed. Meanwhile, knowing Peter’s back on the street and feeling increasingly frustrated by his hot and cold attitude, Tina decides to confront him, believing Carla is out of the flat. But when Carla opens the door, Tina is forced to fluster an excuse.

Gail feels she can’t do right for doing wrong and when a hung-over and angry Kylie unleashes a torrent of abuse at her, Gail finally reaches the end of her tether.

Eileen’s stunned to discover a tear-stained Julie who’s spent the night nursing a broken heart in Eileen’s bed. When a downcast and guilt riddled Brian spots Julie he asks if she’s OK and tells her he misses her and asks her to meet him in the bistro.

Also, Nick and Leanne are unimpressed to learn that Gloria and Dennis are planning to hold a gig at the bistro.