A heartbroken Tina is determined to put a brave face on for the world and refuses to accept Graeme’s apology. As Graeme claims they never meant to hurt her, Tina hits on an idea. Graeme’s alarmed as Tina vows to get revenge on him and Xin.

Sean‘s ecstatic when Marcus reveals he’s booked them a holiday, but when Sean gets a call to say Violet’s in hospital Sean tells Eileen he’d like to offer to look after Dylan. But afraid of damaging their newly rekindled relationship he decides not to risk telling Marcus how he feels, and hides his fears.

James tells Sophie the charity would like to offer her a full-time position as a team leader. She decides to disregard Kevin’s ban and takes a stand against her dad.

Also, Steve draws up a custody agreement with his solicitor while keeping Tracy sweet by offering her a job back behind the bar.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As Graeme and Xin prepare to flee the street before the authorities swoop, Gail is Tina’s voice of reason, explaining revenge won’t bring Graeme back. Hurting, Tina begins to have second thoughts and ponders whether to go through with her threat to call immigration.

As Sean and Marcus head off to London to collect Dylan, Jason hopes they won’t take advantage of Eileen. Sean is touched by Marcus’s response, as Marcus supports him in his hour of need.

Kevin‘s furious to hear Sophie has ignored the fact he barred her from the charity. But she won’t back down this time and puts him firmly in his place.

Also, as Tracy helps out at the pub she tells Steve he needs a bar manager. Eagerly slipping into the role she’s sure he’ll be offering her the job; an apologetic Fiz admits to Julie that she and John purposefully sabotaged her relationship with Brian.

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