Gail and Leanne are relieved as Nick’s taken off the ventilator and can breathe on his own. Meanwhile, at the Bistro Leanne confides in Tina about the awful time she and Nick have had and how they’ve been victims of a hate campaign. As Leanne lists the things that have happened, Tina eyes David suspiciously and thinks he is to blame for everything that’s happened.

Paul tells Eileen how sorry he is for all the grief he’s caused and suggests they meet for lunch. Over lunch, he tells her how he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and suggests they get married as soon as they can. But Eileen is not so sure.

Stella’s disappointed with the second-hand wedding dress she’s bought off the Internet. Along with her worries about celebrating while Nick’s still in hospital, Stella sees it as another sign that she should put the wedding on hold.

Also, when Katy and Chesney share a laugh together like old times it’s clear she regrets leaving him. Katy’s hopeful they can reconcile, but while she’s got her hopes up Chesney still has feelings for Sinead…