It’s the day of Tina’s funeral and time for the McQueens to say their final goodbyes. Feeling betrayed by her family, Jacqui refuses to go. Russ turns up at the church to pay his respects, but he’s not welcome and is told to leave. Dom reads Tina’s eulogy, which horrifies the McQueens, and the service descends into chaos as the family blame each other for what’s happened.

Feeling guilty, Dom arrives home where he tells Jacqui he can’t understand why Tina lied about the baby. Jacqui blurts out that she knew it was Russ’ child all along, but is horrified that Tony has overheard her comments. As the truth comes out, Tony and Jacqui realise there’s nothing left to salvage their relationship and Jacqui leaves.

Although Mandy has tried her best to stay away from Warren, they can’t contain their feelings for each other. When Cindy accidentally locks them both in the Evissa office, Mandy has no choice but to call Warren for help. As Warren comes to the rescue, the sexual tension boils over and Mandy and Warren end up in bed together as Louise arrives home. Will she catch them?

Also, Rhys, Hannah and Elliot head off to Liverpool to try to win tickets to the MTV awards.

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