Tina’s maternal instincts kick in

Tensions between Tina and Dom increase as Tina tries to put all reminders of the surrogacy behind her. Dom tries to make things up with Tina but she’s uninterested. When Myra babysits baby Max for Jacqui, Tina’s maternal instincts kick in when she’s the only one around to comfort him. Feeling guilty, she unbuttons her shirt and starts to breast-feed.

As Ste wakes up alone in hospital with his leg in a cast, Kieron arrives at hospital armed with some anger management leaflets. Later, Amy visits Ste and, despite his attempts to win her back, makes it clear she has had enough. She leaves, much to Mike’s relief.

As Elliot and Hannah help Sarah out at MOBs, Hannah and Elliot enjoy themselves in their banana costumes and Sarah surprises herself by feeling jealous of their closeness. After a series of unsuccessful attempts, Elliot gives up on trying to win Sarah’s affection and asks Hannah if she’ll go to the comic fayre with him tomorrow. Hannah agrees and both are oblivious to Sarah’s growing jealousy.

Also, Jacqui, Mandy and Steph bond at their new ‘mum’ club.

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