Tina’s mum is on the warpath

Gail telephones Tina’s mum to let her know that Tina is OK. Ted and Gail look through old photographs and are interrupted by Tinas mother Anna, who turns up on the doorstep in a rage. Anna demands to know what Tina is playing out by staying at Gail’s and as the argument escalates, Anna calls David a criminal and Tina blurts out about her abortion. Gail is forced to throw Anna out.

Liam feels awkward the morning after the night before and reminds Carla that they need to open the factory, while Carla is the cat that got the cream. Maria sees them arriving together in the car and a panicky Liam thinks quickly and lies that they’ve been out for breakfast. Maria asks Liam to accompany him to register the baby’s death, but the distance between the couple is obvious. Later, Carla gives Liam her flat key and tries to kiss him, but he shrugs her off.

Liz seems to be missing Vernon and keeps herself busy by doing jobs in the bar. Steve tells Betty that Liz is pining for Vernon, but when Harry appears Liz instantly perks up and is eager to serve him.

Also, Fiz is irritated when Julie fusses over an ill Chesney.