May’s struggling at work and feels inadequate to the other junior doctors. And when she messes up again Adam decides to put her under permanent supervision. Lenny delights in gloating so, to get him back, she tells him one of his patients has died – resulting in Adam deciding to have him transferred. However, Lenny gets a reprieve when May comes clean even though it means a final warning.

Ruth is as excited as a child in a toy store to be spending Christmas with her brother Jonathan and is determined it will be their best ever. But while she’s preoccupied with buying crackers and tinsel he’s taken their mother’s diamond ring. When she finds out he’s back on the smack she cuts him out of her life.

Zoe is frantically trying to get hold of Jordan before the malpractice hearing. Adam seems to have turned his back on his co-worker but when push comes to shove, Adam defends him. Then Jordan appears, admits he was at fault and hands in his notice…

Disappointed Zoe hits the bottle at the staff Christmas party. While, alone, Jordan resigns himself to his fate.