Made on a mega-budget ($200million); taking a record $1.5billion world-wide; showered with 11 Oscars (including Best Film, Best Director, Best Visual Effects, Best Cinematography and Best Score), Titanic is some big movie.

And the ship looks stunningly luxurious (an Oscar for Art Direction), as do the costumes (Oscar-winning). The human drama focuses on the star-crossed love affair between, Leonardo DiCaprio as young Jack Dawson, travelling steerage class and Kate Winslet (deservedly Oscar-nominated) as Rose, the rebellious daughter of a wealthy American family engaged to snobbish Cal (Billy Zane).

Naturally fate brings Rose and Jack together and they have to grapple to survive not just the rising waters once the ship finally hits that fateful iceberg but also Zane’s gun-toting fiancé. That story is told in flashback from the framing tale of elderly Titanic survivor Rose (Gloria Stuart) to the diving crew exploring the liner’s remains on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

The camera eerily roaming around the real wreckage makes for some haunting images, while the sinking of the ship is truly spectacular. Director James Cameron delivers a captivating movie, which was the biggest box-office hit of all time until it was overtaken by the same director’s Avatar.