TJ falls gravely ill

TJ is sent home ill from playgroup, but when Terry returns from the chemists he is shocked to see his son being bundled into an ambulance. After some tests at the hospital, Terry is stunned to be told that TJ has E.coli. Terry confronts Jamie when he worries that his cabbage fertilizer is to blame, but the doctor reassures him that it isn’t possible. The doctor explains that if TJ makes it through the next 24 hours he is still at risk from lasting kidney damage.

Lexi informs the Kings that De Souzas have hired a hot-shot PR company to give them a green makeover. Matthew decides to follow suit and fires Jasmine to balance the books. Jasmine is furious to find she’s been replaced and wastes no time in telling Matthew exactly what she thinks about him.

Donna is pleased that she can finally call a truce with Shane at work. Her day improves further when Vaughan recommends her for a course. Donna gets back from work and tells a relieved Marlon that she has decided to carry on with her job.

Also, Betty and Lily are suspicious of Joe’s intentions towards Pearl; Marlon and Eli put their differences behind them.