Ian’s announcement that Liam has fathered Cindy’s baby hasn’t gone down well at the Butchers’, where an almighty row ensues. With accusations being flung backwards and forwards, the news gets out that TJ is the dad, not Liam, who then attacks TJ. Terry is stunned, not least when he realises that TJ has confided in David.

Terry is infuriated when David tries to give him some advice about TJ, deciding to leave the house before things get out of hand. When Bianca tries to run after him, David stops her from going. With the house in uproar, Carol cracks, revealing she has some bad news. Bianca and Sonia are in shock as Carol says that there’s a 50 per cent chance that they could have the cancer gene, too.

Ronnie thinks the game is up after seeing the police car outside. Roxy doesn’t know what to say when Ronnie decides to confess, telling Roxy that she killed Carl. It’s a false alarm, however, as the police are there for Lola, who has been caught shoplifting. Roxy is disgusted with Ronnie after her revelation and tells her that this time she’s gone too far and she wants nothing more to do with her.