Toadie and Callum’s rift grows

Unable to help Libby slipping into a downward spiral, Lucas calls on Karl and Susan for help. Humiliated and furious, Libby lashes out at everyone and rejects all the mollycoddling. Coping differently, Lucas retreats to the shed, lying low and keeping away from all of the mess. However, it seems that Callum has had the same idea and has also been hiding out there. When Toadie arrives to collect Callum, he confronts Lucas for the first time with mixed results. But unfortunately the rift between Toadie and Callum grows deeper. Following his meeting with Toadie, Lucas challenges Libby to reconsider her hard line stance. How will she react and will Lucas listen to his own advice?

Feeling left out, at school and at home, Andrew decides to throw a pool party to salvage his reputation and the Robinson name. Befriending Chris so that he can have the party at Chris’ workplace, Andrew promises there will be no trouble. Distracted by Natasha however, Andrew takes his eye off the ball and Macca sabotages the party. Having cost Chris his job and broken his promise, will Andrew bounce back from yet another disaster?