Toadie has let Diana in on his plan – he wants to double-cross Paul. Diana wonders why she should trust Toadie, but he says he’s doing this for his family. Diana is happy to make a deal with Toadie. As she leaves, Diana passes by Steph who figures out Toadie’s plan to sabotage Paul and is worried; she doesn’t want Rebecca and Declan to get caught in the crossfire. But Toadie says he’ll protect them.

Toadie delivers files to Paul and says he’ll have the more complicated stuff for him in a few days. He then advises Paul to sell PirateNet. Paul, however, is not keen on the idea, especially if it harms his marriage.

It’s Rocky’s final training session before he becomes a fully qualified guide dog. Toadie’s a bit distracted but perks up when Sonya arrives to help out. Steph admits she invited Sonya along to cheer him up. However, things turn awkward when Libby and Ben show up. Suspicious, Libby confronts Sonya and things become very heated.

Rebecca tells Paul that Michael loved her idea to transmit PirateNet from Erinsborough High once a week, but Paul bluntly replies that they have to sell the station. But Rebecca angrily tells him that they’re not selling – not now, not ever.

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