Toadie and Sonya attend the mediation session with Troy and Ajay hoping that Jade’s evidence of her ex’s violent past will cause the case to collapse. Jade struggles to put aside her fears but presents her evidence only to hear Ajay argue that there’s no solid evidence implicating Troy. He even intends to raise Sonya’s violent history to help Troy’s cause.

With their case seemingly in tatters, Toadie insinuates that Sonya’s history is to blame, causing his wife to storm out. Toadie regrets it immediately and is soon breaking the intervention order to apologise to Sonya at their home. Unfortunately, his visit has been reported to the police and two cops turn up to take him to the station…

Susan persuades Vanessa to fill in as a cookery teacher but she’s shocked to see Rhys turn up as a student. When one of the women starts to flirt openly with him, Vanessa can’t fight a wave of jealousy – and can’t hide the fact that she has some feelings for him.