With the stigma of Peter Noonan still hanging over him, Toadie’s desperate to prove himself to his new team at work. However, when the Babymaker program Sonya downloaded onto his laptop goes off during an important presentation, Toadie’s embarrassed. Doing his best to rectify the situation with Charlotte, Toadie takes on more work and reluctantly turns down Sonya’s invite to slip home so they can try for a baby. Knowing time is of the essence, Sonya surprises Toadie at work – only for them to get caught in the act by Toadie’s boss. Worried he’s ruined his already tainted reputation, Toadie makes it clear to Sonya that he’s putting work first.

When Kyle calls off his and Callum’s scheme, Callum tries to blackmail Kyle, threatening to tell Paul. Confident he holds the cards, Kyle calls Callum’s bluff but, when he sees him talking to Paul, he fears the worst. Kyle threatens to blow their scheme but, to his and Callum’s shock, Paul already knows about it. While Kyle’s forced to pay Paul for the ads, Callum gets sacked. Smug, that he no longer has to do his paper round, his happiness is short-lived when Sonya finds out.

At a loss at how to handle Sophie, Paul reluctantly seeks Karl’s advice. However, although Karl assures him he’s done everything he can, Paul can’t help but wish he could do more.