Toadie and Sonya have a surprise visitor

Toadie wants Sonya to stop working but she insists on carrying on, convincing him she’ll have a stress-free day. However, after letting Callum and Rani go early to see a recently-returned Sophie, she’s faced with an early delivery and a particularly indecisive customer. Later, she tells Toadie about her day, including her annoying customer and looks forward to a quiet evening when the annoying customer turns up on the doorstep. She’s Toadie’s cousin, Georgia, and she’s coming to stay!

Riddled with guilt, Priya lies to Ajay about where she’s been and is shocked to realise she’s left her jacket at Paul’s house. She heads over there, with the excuse of visiting Sophie, and tells Paul their passionate encounter will never happen again. However, she soon realises that Ajay’s security is not enough. She wants excitement and, knowing that Paul can give her that, she commits to the affair.

Seeing Priya struggling, Paul urges her to keep it together or everyone will know what’s going on, though he’s almost caught out himself when Kate questions him over Priya’s various meetings.