Toadie and Sonya struggle to keep their secret

Overjoyed that they’re having a baby, Toadie and Sonya decide to keep it a secret until the 12-week scan, but as they’re so ecstatic they struggle to carry on while avoiding suspicion. Needing to get their affairs in order, Toadie returns the sports car and cancels the European holiday, but when Callum gets the news he thinks they’re having money troubles. Later, Callum intercepts an urgent call from Rhys and starts to think his mum has a serious health problem, but then guesses she’s pregnant. Kyle, Jade and Karl overhear and Sonya is overwhelmed by their supportive response.

Chris tries to put things right with Aidan by taking him to Harold’s and letting everyone who turns up know they’re on a date. Tash, however, feels a bit left out and when a guy tries to chat her up and mentions her online photos, she flees in distress. Jade comes to her rescue when she explains that she can stand up for herself and mustn’t let her fear of relationships rule her life.