Toadie and Sonya try to cope with their pain

Sonya distracts herself from her decision to stop trying for a baby by caring for an orphaned baby wombat, while Toadie leases a sports car to ease his disappointment. Meanwhile, Toadie explains the situation to Callum to take the pressure off Sonya. But Toadie recognises that Sonya is really hurting and acknowledges that they’re both just channeling their pain elsewhere. He and Sonya both commit to getting through this together, though they’re unsure quite how to go about it.

Tash’s plans to make her house unsellable are thwarted by experienced estate agent, Gary, forcing her to pull one last desperate attempt in her fight against eviction. Roping Karl into playing his guitar extremely loudly, Tash manages to drive off the latest property viewers but she soon realises her success can’t last and that she’s probably fighting a losing battle.

Callum realises there’s something strange going on with his parents but struggles to know how to deal with them. Sophie convinces him to let them work out their issues by themselves and Callum concentrates on his relationship with his best friend.