Toadie and Steph argue

Excited Toadie pitches his romantic wedding plans to Susan and Libby. But he is unaware that Steph is taking wedding preparations into her own hands and has arranged for a low-key, straight-forward wedding. Meanwhile, as Toadie asks Frazer to be his best man, Steph is devastated to learn that most of her family won’t be able to attend the nuptials.

She ends up taking her disappointment out on Toadie, telling him her family’s arrival is what she was most looking forward to on the big day. Dejected, Toadie is left recalling memories of his perfect wedding to Dee, and Steph catches him looking through a box of Dee’s wedding mementoes. Later, she is shocked when he tells her exactly what he thinks about her attitude towards their special day.

Rosie refuses to be pressured by Frazer’s ultimatum, and secretly fears that she will have no choice but to walk away from her marriage and motherhood. But a case involving a grieving mother makes her realise she’d rather risk raising her baby than run away from her fear.

Also, Oliver is curious at Mia’s sudden change of heart regarding Marco’s relationship with his ex-wife Marissa.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday May 15*

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