Toadie and Steph postpone the wedding

Fed up with what he sees as a one-sided relationship, Toadie makes it clear to Steph that he’s never let his own problems weaken his commitment to her. Later, Libby makes Steph face some harsh truths about how she is treating Toadie, causing Steph to do some serious soul searching.

Meanwhile, Toadie takes Frazer to the site of Dee’s fatal accident and says his last goodbye as Steph discovers Toadie’s wedding folio and pictures of his dream wedding. Realising how much she has denied him what he really wants, Steph follows him to the beach to declare her love for him. But, after doing some thinking himself, Toadie suggests postponing the wedding after it has becomes clear to him that Steph feels pressured into tying the knot.

Despite Rosie’s resolve to keep her pregnancy secret, her raging hormones are making it impossible to control her life. Finding herself at the mercy of her appetite and her emotions, Rosie is surprised to discover she has maternal instincts. And when Carmella asks her to be Chloe’s godmother, Rosie is overwhelmed.

Also, the electric attraction between Mia and Oliver is clear when she catches him searching her phone for Marco’s ex-wife’s number.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday May 16*

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