Having rushed off to see Steph, Toadie calls Sonya to apologise, but she’s heard it all before and isn’t interested, cutting off the call before she hears Toadie saying he loves her. At the motel, Steph remains adamant that the baby should be with Dan. When Toadie questions her, she reminds him that she has Charlie but Dan has no one and believes he will make a great dad. Toadie begs her to think about it before handing the baby over in the morning.

When Toadie wakes from a nap he realises Steph isn’t in the room and neither is the baby. He finds a note from Steph telling him she has had to do what she feels is right and knew he’d try to stop her.

When Steph arrives at Dan’s house, he is thrilled to see his son. He asks Steph if she is sure and she assures him she is, although he can see she’s struggling. When Dan asks Steph what she has called the baby she tells him she hasn’t named him.

Finding the situation too upsetting Steph goes to leave. Dan tells her he is calling the baby Adam. Toadie arrives but it’s too late and when he tells Steph she has made a mistake, she reminds him the baby isn’t his so neither is the decision. Toadie is hurt.

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