Toadie is relieved when Steph walks down the aisle, but is soon dismayed when she stumbles through her vows, seeing in her eyes that she’s only there to make him happy. Devastated, Toadie tells Steph they are not getting married and walks out, leaving her at the altar. Despite attempts by Karl, Frazer, Libby and Valda to bring them back together, Toadie can’t go through with it. As Steph vows to continue to fight for Toadie, he takes refuge at the Kennedy’s, continuing to refuse to talk things through with Steph – as far as Toadie is concerned, it’s over.

Rosie’s dizzy spell at the wedding forces her to reveal to Carmella that she’s pregnant. Seeing how excited Carmella is at the news leaves Marco realising that he will soon have to tell her he can’t have children. Later, over at Charlie’s, Rosie is forced to stop Frazer from revealing her news to the congregation.

While babysitting Chloe, Oliver has another flirtatious meeting with Mia, which results in them both admitting they like each other. They end up getting passionate in the flat, but are interrupted by a shocked Marco and Carmella.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday May 22*

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